About us

The Cheerful Blue * PL breeding was created to increase the population of great Peterbald cats as well as to stay among the elegantly moving St. Petersburg sphinxes - cats strongly emotionally connected with humans.


In our eyes, Peterbald is a small perfection. Slender, majestic, elegant and magical cat often naked. It can appear without hair completely, with a nap instead of hair or with thick, stiff and rough hair.

It occurs in almost all colors. Our breeding is focused on naked cats in the dominant blue color of the extreme type.

If you're looking for Peterball, then you must know that the key to his heart is your love, respect, time you give him, good karma and, of course, fun.

"At home, where there is a cat, you do not need any works of art anymore."


"Wessley Bates"

Our cats


We would like that in our breeding, maintaining the standard of this breed was a key element and that our future kittens, when they were born, would present the beauty of a figure with oriental shapes, hairless body and perfection of character. We love the blue color and we hope that it will be the dominant color of our breeding.

During our breeding kittens we do not think about a large number of litters but only the quality that our kittens will present.

Hence the important selection of sires and kittens that this great breed would still be recognized around the world.

Cheerful Blue * PL kennel is registered in two Feline Catteries:

FIFE Felis Polonia - SMK Jedynka Club

World Cat Federation WCF - IBSCC

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