Litter "A" born on 24/02/2019



CHJ, CH Mija Brilliance Sinegorye


SC, GIC Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye

On Sundays, beautiful and sunny days

proud cat in shades of blue,

she decided to make some commitment

and to make this day a miracle of birth to welcome

Alenka - blue

The first world was welcomed by the blue princess

big and strong, which like advocate

she showed siblings the direction of the future

a component of security, fun and many moments of love.

Agatha - blue point

After her, Agatka wanted to see the world very quickly

tiny, white, with your presence, to recollect

touch somebody's heart, do not let it grieve.

Fight and love your song with love and love.

Alishka - blue tabby

Suddenly, another beautiful creature broke the silence

a rubber girl, pictured like a father, a real trinket.

the slim filigree stool was crawling quietly

starting his earthly life and career very slowly.

Ashna - blue brindle

As a third, also after her mother, a pretty blue

but a mottled and brindled tiny creature

when the new world suddenly felt in her nostrils

she sighed and her mind circled in her mind.

Adeline - blue tabby

This fifth charmed everyone with the colors of her skin

it was like a leopard, a beautiful phenomenon of nature

a blue-eyed girl appeared

with her stripes and spots even the cat became interested.


Aretha - blue brindle

Immediately after such a beautiful phenomenon of birth

another kitty world rewarded with his view

big and beautiful girl like an angel of darkness

joined the ranks of excellent guests.


Albert - blue tabby

But this is not the end of the birth of miracles

because here and the seventh kitten did a lot of hardships

to go out into the world and charm him with yourself

the only prince's rubber prince was their pride.


This magical day ended so magnificently

full of miracles of birth, joy and almost mystical

happy seven starts his adventure

to give others love to be a life-longer

Let us love our cats because they are worth it

always present, faithful and open love

our happy seven will someday enjoy others

and now it's quiet because they sleep after birth

Litter "B" born on 03/11/2019



SC, GIC Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye


CACJ Linda Enisei Only My

And here are our little  happiness in blue

The first world was welcomed by the girl in the color a 0322 (bicolor blue brindle). Her name is Betina.

The second born girl is Basia. Her color is a 03 (blue bicolor).

The girl felt the third world but this time she was naked. Her color is a 21 (blue brindle). Her name is Bona

As the fourth world a boy with a beautiful flock fur in a 03 (blue bicolor) greeted. His name is Baltazar.

The fifth world wanted to meet a boy with a beautiful name Bazyl. Its color is a 0322 (blue bicolor brindle).

Another boy delighted us with his appearance. He is a naked handsome in a 21 color (blue tabby) very similar to his father. His name as befits a man is Barnabas

The last born kitty is a girl with the melodious name Bella. It is a color a 0322 (blue bicolor brindle).

           Liter "B"

     born on 03/11/19









Litter "C"

born on 07/07/2020



SC, GIC Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye


CHJ, CH Mija Brilliance Sinegorye

Our happy babies in blue

Chloe Cheerful Blue

Cezar Cheerful Blue

Casida Cheerful Blue

Carmen Cheerful Blue

Constantin Cheerful Blue

Carlos Cheerful Blue

Kittens were born late in the evening. All healthy. Cats, of course, blue. We invite you to observe their development and booking. Cats can go all over the world. They are intended for breeding as well as pets to love.


Casida Cheerful Blue

Carlos Cheerful Blue

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