We are pleased to announce that on 24 February 2019 r our first litter of kittens was born. Happy parents are:

Mom: CACJ, CAC. Mija Brilliance Sinegorye (WCF)

Dad: SC, GIC Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye (FIFE, WCF)

Mostly the dominant color in kittens is blue in various configurations, of which we are very happy. We invite you to observe the development of cats on ours.



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At present, we do not have kittens for sale. All our little ones from Litter "A" found loving homes. We are planning another litter in December. We also invite you to observe the site on FB where we keep you up to date on activities in our Kennel.

We also invite all our supporters to participate in the International Cat Show in Warsaw organized by the SMK Jedynka Club at the University of Physical Education. We were proud to announce that our Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye is on the exhibition poster.


In our kennel we have a free male Albert to sell. The kitty is neutered. He is naked in blue tabby. Ready for adoption. He is looking for a house where he will be loved and hugged, because he is very demanding.
CACJ. CAC, MIja Brilliance Sinegorye PBD
SC, GIC, Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye PBD








We don't have kittens anymore. They all happily have new and loving families.Probably in November a new litter of kittens will come to our kennel. Next to the parents photo:

CACJ Linda Enisei Only My

SC, GIC Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye

We invite you to follow the website and FB profile

We cordially invite you to visit the International Cat Show in Pruszków on October 5.

Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye will compete with other beautiful cats and fight for the title of European Champion

On November 3, 2019, seven beautiful Peterbald kittens were born. Happy parents are:


CACJ Linda Enisei Only My

SC, GIC Felicjan Brilliance Sinegorye


4 girls and 3 boys were born. The dominant color of kittens is of course blue. We invite you to follow their development on our FB page.


We have one free female in our cattery. Bella Cheerful Blue is looking for a home with lots of love. Raised with cats and dogs. She has breeding predisposition. Color - bicolor blue

Late in the evening on 07/07/2020 our wonderful Mija Brilliance Sinegorye gave birth to 6 wonderful kittens. All blue puppies, including 3 brindle and 3 solid. 3 boys and 3 girls were born.


SC, GIC Brilliance Sinegorye Felicjan

CH Brilliance Sinegorye Mija

On September 25, 2020, Linda Enisei Only My gave birth to two sweet boys Don Diego and Dantes. This is Litter "D" in our kennel. The boys are growing up healthy and will soon be looking for their new parents.

Our Kennel Has grown  to include a new male. This is the Illizion Kotomirus. He is nude in a lilac point. He came to us from Novosybirsk from the wonderful Kotomirus kennel.

We are expecting kittens

We are pleased to inform you that our kittens will be born in July 2021. The parents will be Illuzion Kotomirus and Mija Brilliance Sinegorye

Article on the Trzy Koty website

Our passion, which is breeding these wonderful animals, was noticed by the Trzy Koty portal June 2021. I had the pleasure to write a few words about our breeding and our wonderful cats. I recommend reading.



We are happy to announce that 5 wonderful puppies were born in our kennel.


The parents are:

M Mija Brilliance Sinegorye PBD

F Illuzion Kotomirus PBD


Born kittens are three boys and two girls

Birth Litter E

Kleszczów Cats Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that the International Cat Show in Kleszczewo, organized by the PZF on August 28-29, 2021, under the patronage of the WCF federation, is approaching.

We have a plan to come with Illuzion Kotomirus and Linda Enisei Only We.

Cat Show in Płock

On September 11-12, 2021, the World Purebred Cat Show will be organized by SHK under the patronage of the WCF federation.

Illuzion Kotomirus is going to gain more points for the titles.

Cat Show in Piaseczno

On 02-03 October 2021 there will be an International Cat Show in Piaseczno organized by the IBSCC Club to which our cattery belongs. The exhibition is under the patronage of WCF.

Illuzion Kotomirus is going to win more titles.

Litter announcement

We share the happy news that kittens will be born in mid-November 2021. Parents will be Linda Enisei Only We and Illuzion Kotomirus.

We invite you to follow the page where there will be further information.

Birth of Kittens - Litter F

We are happy to announce that on 11.11.2021 6 kittens were born - Litter F. 4 boys and two girls were born. Almost all kittens are Bicolory like their mother. Kittens are healthy and willing to eat and gain weight.

We hope that, like the other litters, they will find their wonderful homes.

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