A bald cat requires more of our care due to temperature differences, too much sun exposure or low temperatures. In summer, a cat that is lying on a sunny spot should be smeared with a cream with a UV filter so that it does not burn the skin and do not get freckles. In the winter, it is advisable to place bedding in the area of ​​radiators, heating lamps, temperature over 20 degrees and clothes protecting the cat.

Peterbaldy, like other breeds of bald cats, should be bathed to get rid of sebum. The fact is that in this breed sebum is not in excess. Here we meet with two methods of maintaining a peterbalda in a good hygienic condition.

The first one is regular bathing, eg 1 a week (in this case, sebum, that is, natural skin protection is washed, which causes more of its production), the second method is bathing for once a month or two and "habit" of the cat's organism for the production of a protective factor or sebum.

There are also advocates of not bathing a cat at all.

Our cats are bathed on average 3 times a month.

In addition to taking care of the skin, you should cut the claws, clean the eyes and regularly clean the ears in which the sebum is also collected.

To make the skin of the peterbalda ideal, use a good diet rich in meat. A healthy cat is a healthy owner.

Obligations of compulsory vaccinations must be observed, participation in the life of our cat in order not to overlook his ill health. It is also important to take care of a good mental state and, in particular, to cultivate the bond between human and peterbald. They are unique cats, very much in need of human presence.

You should look after Peterbalda.

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